January 16, 2017 Creative Process No Comments

oday I turn 42. Wow! I don’t feel this old. I checked, and it turned out that yes, I am really 42 years old. I could say that today I woke up feeling wiser, but of course, it is just the usual me.

Something happened though: I spent a great Saturday celebrating a very special birthday of a friend, in my studio, painting together with a bunch of lovely women, eating a lot and laughing even more. I felt connected again with the human world and with my art, and this was so good.

And now, I am almost ready to jump again in the world and sharing what my passion is and why I am doing this.

To celebrate my being so old and wise, from now until Friday my Ignite Your Creative Spark program will be € 42 OFF!
To make it happen, I need a group of amazing, powerful, motivated people to sign up, so if you were thinking about joining, this is the right moment to do it!

Go to the link:

Click “Enter Promotional Code” and type in



I hope to have you in my program, to work together, being inspired and train our creative brains!

With love,


Written by Eleonora Spagnuolo